Shipping Details
Shipping Policy

1. We do not ship to PO Boxes. Please provide us
   with a valid shipping address.

2. If your billing address differs from your
   shipping address, please understand that your
   order process may take longer due to
   authorization procedures.

NOTE: We Provide free Worldwide Shipping no   
           matter how many items you order.

Types of Payments

* We accept only Debit or Credit Card payments 
  through Paypal only!!!!!

NOTE: We will never ask you to provide your card             information or contact information by   
           email. Your private information will be
           placed through Paypal Secure Payment

Sales Policy

All sales are final. There are no refunds or returns unless your item has been damage during shipping.

Please read all item descriptions before making any purchase.

All items sold are inspected before shipping and cared for properly before packaging to meet your satisfaction guaranteed 100%.

Damaged Good Return Policy

1. If your item has been damaged during shipping,
   please notify us by emailing

2. We will submit a return shipping stipend to
   your Paypal address so you may return the
   damaged items.

3. Once we receive your re-mailed damaged item,
   the new item will be re-shipped free.

Email In-Stock or Out-of-Stock Notifications

Upon shipment of your order, KLC COUTURE, LLC will send a notification via email explaining that your items are either In-Stock or Out-of- Stock.

Out-of-Stock Full Refund Policy

1. If you receive an Out-of-Stock Notification via
   email, you will have the option to choose
   another item or we will provide a full refund
   under this term only.

2. You may contact Customer Service at
   (240) 676-3830 or email to
    make a new purchase selection or request a
    full refund if your item is Out-of-Stock.

3. You will be notified via e-mail from email
   address once your refund
   has been processed due to an out of stock
   product only.

In-Stock Policy

1. If you did not receive an Out-of-Stock
   Notification, your order will be shipped.

Declined Debit or Credit Cards

IF Your card was declined for one of the following reasons:

1. Your BILLING address entered does not exactly
   match the BILLING address that your card
   company has on file.

2. Your CVV2 number (Card Code on the back or f
   front of card) does not match.

3. Your card company is declining your
   transaction because of insufficient funds or
   another reason from your card company.

* Please contact your card company to release 
  any pending holds if you received an ERROR
  response that matches any of the reasons

For Large Volume Inquiries please E-mail: or call 240-676-3830.


We offer FREE world-wide shipping.



Payment and Shipping Details